As the article states here the doctors proposed a rate increase and received a letter cancelling the contract.  One patient comments below on the fact that his imagepremiums went up 15% and he can’t go to the major trauma center hospital in his area and that it is becoming more difficult to find a doctor that takes Aetna in his area.  We all know that Aetna has had a big focus on employer insurance and last year they said themselves that they would be purging non profitable members.  BD

Dec. 16--ALBANY -- Aetna Insurance is dropping the Capital Region's trauma hospital from its network because the company says Albany Medical Center's doctors want too much money.

About 24,000 Aetna customers in the area will be affected by the decision, which will go into effect on Feb. 5.

David Porter , an Aetna member, said he is upset that his wife, Melissa, will have to find new doctors -- and said it is even more galling because Aetna's premium went up this year.

"You raise my premium 15 percent and tell me I can't go to the major hospital in the area?" said Porter, who lives in Earlton and is a heavy machine operator at the LaFarge cement plant. "It's a real hassle to find a doctor that accepts Aetna Insurance."

Insurance News - Aetna To Cut Albany Med Over Rates


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