I have posted on this topic a few times but the White House has released a video that gives a quick over view and man Vets have ben able to retrieve their information to keep or choose to share with their doctors.  If you are a private practice doctor seeing a Veteran, it’s worth mentioning in case they have not had the chance to download their information. 

VA Can Now Use the “Blue Button” to Download Their Data from Their PHR (Personal Health Record)

Also, the information can be sent to Microsoft HealthVault for storage as well to share with doctors outside of the VA with a paperless method instead of printing. 

White House Makes Official Introduction of the “Blue Button”–Microsoft Demonstrates HealthVault Integration And Sharing

Also worth mentioning is that folks on Medicare can do the same thing and get their imagedata, so if you are not a Vet, check out the link below.  BD

Medicare.Gov Blue Button Download For Personal Health Record Information for Those Covered by Medicare

Of the 1.1 million users of My HealtheVet, more than 233,000 Veterans have upgraded (identity-verified) access to data from their VA medical record via Blue Button. During the first two months following Blue Button launch on August 28, 2010 about 100,000 Veterans asked to view their personal health data using the Blue Button and more than 150,000 PHRs were downloaded.

More on the Blue Button: health records download for vets : Craig Newmark : City Brights


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