You can read the entire article at Tech Crunch and it appears the unit itself is ok butimage when you need to recharge and analyze your sleep patterns again, the charger could blow up.  The chargers were made in China.

For me personally I’m not into analyzing sleep right now as all I care about is whether or not I get sleep.  There are several companies that make such a device and WakeMate has a comparison here of how they stack up.  BD

It was only days ago that we wrote that after nearly a year of delays, the first WakeMate units were finally shipping to customers. And now there’s some more bad news — really bad. Some of the initial units are apparently bursting into flames because of any issue with the USB charger included.

Repeat: Do not use the USB charger included with the shipping WakeMate units.


The USB chargers were sourced through a Chinese vendor. We paid to have the proper certification and safety tests performed here in the U.S. for the chargers. However, tonight we were informed by a customer of a safety incident with the black USB chargers. Therefore, effective immediately we are recalling ALL USB charger bricks and informing our customers that it is not safe to use these USB chargers to charge your WakeMate.

WakeMate Warns Users Of Major Safety Issue With Product After One Bursts Into Flames


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