The acquisition contains a lot of technology solutions here, if not almost all technology solutions with those algorithms.  I guess we are beginning to see this focused everywhere today with modeling physician performance adding additional compensation for the business models.  In the text below you can see the statement about the ability to  “strengthen their financial performance” for oncologists. 


From the website technologies listed include:

• Allow the safe and secure electronic storage of patient health information to avoid common problems associated with paper records
• Provide physicians and other clinicians remote access to health records at any time
• Enable point-of-care decision support to assist in the delivery of high-quality care
• Identify clinical trials appropriate for a specific patient’s fight against cancer
• Empower information sharing, collaboration, and communication among oncologists
• Enable the benchmarking of pathways compliance and variation, as well as the measurement of a broad range of quality measures
• Support robust healthcare informatics and data analysis — including patient clinical outcomes measurement — that allow for the documentation of clinical quality

It seems like everything today in healthcare is based on pay for performance being aligned to saving money at the bottom line.  Granted there’s a lot of money to be saved with better methodologies but in my little opinion, we could also address the root and negotiate better drug prices and not have the entire burden on the shoulders of the doctors, that’s just common business sense. 


Insurers are big in this area too with their own pilots and programs for oncologists with a pilot program in northern California. As a patient with a life threatening disease though, all you want is care and it would be nice if the healthcare business entities could put this together and not have all the complicated business intelligence plans that have to roll over to the doctors with having to be prudent chemotherapy shoppers.  Sure there will always be some of this but it would do nothing for me to know the doctor was getting paid for his/her performance and I think the business side of healthcare could do a better job of this instead of passing the buck for pricing.

Health Insurers Focusing on Cancer Treatments - Pilot Programs To Follow Standard Treatments & New Payment Structures

Clinical trial awareness here is good though to allow access for patients in need for sure and the sharing of information with doctors is keen too for better treatments.  Overall we have a glut of software in healthcare today and it is usually all pretty good but training, learning curves, etc. all tend to hinder the adoption process with a bit of being a bit overdone and of course software adaptation as it has been discussed on the web for a number of years is more beneficial to the payers than the doctors as they just want to treat and hopefully cure the patient with the best decision making out there today.  With the current glut of software for use, t’s like going into a store and having too many choices and you walk out with nothing so I hope is not carrying over into healthcare, especially oncology.  CIOs everywhere are today over burdened as well and are looking at a burnout situation too.  BD

On Dec. 30, 2010, McKesson Corporation, a leading healthcare services and information technology company, announced that it successfully completed its acquisition of US Oncology, a leading integrated oncology company.image

With the completion of the acquisition, initially announced on Nov. 1 and valued at approximately $2.1 billion, McKesson now delivers one of the most comprehensive sets of oncology practice management offerings in the country to enable community oncologists to strengthen their financial performance, advance the science of cancer care and provide the highest quality care for patients.

McKesson Acquires US Oncology


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