The committee is to be headed by former CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Patty Stonesifer so perhaps this was why Bill and Melinda Gates as well as Warren Buffet were visiting today, caught that on Twitter.  You can find the details of the executive order here. 


The work of the council will involve advising the President on ways to get citizens involved  as well as non profits and unit with government to work together, in other words collaboration to solve needs.  This council will support the Serve America act that was from last year which also focuses on collaboration.  I have said so many times that we have tons of innovation but not enough collaboration in healthcare and that’s why the IT section of health in particular is so fractured.  Engaging philanthropy and businesses is very much a part of the plan as well.  The Council consists of 30 members from outside of the government and are appointed by the President and receive no compensation other than travel expenses for any of their time.  The council has a 2 year time limit unless extended beyond this time. 

On another topic, this is cool to see someone using “inking” fro a tablet PC on the White House page, I like that being fan and user from day one almost 10 years ago!  BD


President Obama announced today he has created a council to advise the federal government on ways to promote innovative social projects and get more people involved in civic affairs.

The new White House Council for Community Solutions, established by executive order, is headed by Patty Stonesifer, the former chief executive of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who now chairs the Smithsonian Institution board, and includes 24 other nonprofit, foundation, and business leaders as members. It will be housed in the Corporation for National and Community Service.


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