This is a date and page to put into memory as if you have invested in a certified EHR  system and have demonstrated meaningful use, get your money, or rather sign up with the intentions of wanting to get your money.  I wonder if this is the data base imagedesigned by Northrop Grumman as the tracking data base for all these payments where they were awarded $34 Million?

CMS Outsourcing Creation of “Meaningful Use” Database to Northrop Grumman in a $34 Million Contract

It could be this or something different and this is only the point of registration.  At any rate this represents the taxpayer contributions to make this possible and this is only part of the expense.  Give this some thought too when folks talk about repealing healthcare reform, would we just flush $34 Million down the toilet? 

All laws and regulations need IT infrastructure to run them today and the folks living with the values of the 70s appear yet to come to terms with this fact and realization. 

You have to register to begin the process.  PEOS has been kicked around a bit but according to the page today, you will need your PECOS number along with your NPI number.  Last I read on PECOS, the deadline has been moved to June of next year but it has been changed a few times prior to that change too. 


If you have already enrolled in PECOS then that user name and password will work here.  There’s actually a phone number where you can call for help too. 


Data systems and red tape don’t excite doctors, curing and treating ailments as well as saving lives does.  BD 

Physicians and health care providers who’ve been busy implementing certified electronic health record (EHR) systems this year soon can focus their sights on the fun part: collecting their reimbursement from the federal government for demonstrating meaningful use of those systems. Registration for the EHR Incentive Program opens in less than two weeks. On Jan. 3, a link to registration will be available on the program’s registration and attestation Web page.

As Health IT Pulse mentioned in November, providers will be able to track their EHR incentive payment status via the Web using an online service implemented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Providers are encouraged to visit the CMS’ EHR Incentive Program website early, to ensure they have everything they need to register for the program.

Registration for EHR Incentive Program begins Jan. 3 - Health IT Pulse


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