There may be some good ideas to come from such meetings, but the over all factor that drives everyone nuts is the technology itself.  Just when you think you have a solution designed that will hold everyone at bay and have use for a period of time, there comes the next wave of technology and it’s time once again to shift gears.  It's kind of like do I upgrade Windows now or do I wait for the next version?  image

In addition the big glut of software out there is not doing anyone any favors either and don’t forget mHealth too as it has an impact on meaningful use and a while back I thought it was the element of of meaningful use that got left out, not necessarily for demonstration purposes, but included to acknowledge it’s existence.  For that matter a bonus point or two could have been added for those who went the extra measure beyond meaningful use to show innovation and collaboration with mobile technology.  Constant shifts with payers also is a factor here as even the websites have issues so not that this is meaningful use but is can be an additive to contribute some real disruptive technologies while practicing meaningful use.  Nothing happens until the bills start getting paid.  On top of that this constant shuffle with new rules and regulations being issued to frequently is going to drive the Health IT folks to funny farm as there’s no instant algorithms for this. 

CIO Confidence In Meaningful Use Drops-The New Left Curve of Technology That Arrives Daily Contributes-Don’t Burn These Folks Out

Back on track, to the average doctor, yes they know about meaningful use and now they need to participate in an ACO, so gee which comes first <grin> MU or ACO?  The doctor will choose MU (meaningful use) and the hospitals will be pushing both and in which order remains to be seen at times, and it’s stressing the hospital CIO on top of everything else on their plate.  I laugh a bit when I hear about involving the patient in an ACO and most don’t even know what a personal health record is so my suggestion for all for everyone to get some hands on experience in the consumer side for starters as we are all patients at some point and grow from there.

We need to dump this paradigm that plagues everyone of “it’s for those guys over there” and we get this all the time from Congress, to our boss, to our neighbor and you name.  Everyone is the expert at something they have never tried but will tell you how to do it.  Maybe this new vendor is going to be one of those?  Perhaps we might get a surprise and get one that will roll up some sleeves?  If we are talking doctor resistance, just go out and talk to some of them and you will hear plenty to gather a ton of information and it might be cheaper than this committee and it will certainly serve to be faster and then just have someone put it all together in a report.  Talk to the folks who are not in the meaningful use loop, that’s the best best.  It’s the same thing that I have said about PHRs, go get one and try it out and the answer come faster that way as we are all consumers and a PHR is NOT “just for those guys over there”.  Jump in and quit trying to figure out how to get folks to use a product that you may not use. 

Personal Health Records – PHR Roundtable At the ONC-Hope All Experts and Attendees Actually Use a PHR-Hands On Experience Coupled with Other Knowledge Is The Best

The link between curiosity and intelligence has been established <grin>.  BD

The Link between intelligence and Curiosity Is Discovered

WASHINGTON – The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology plans to sponsor an open community of practice for developers of health IT. The goal is to create solutions to challenges that prevent rapid and widespread meaningful use of electronic health records.

To accomplish that, ONC will hire a vendor to provide an infrastructure that supports the development of innovative tools through organized and coordinated competitions, according to a Dec. 20 announcement.

ONC plans health IT innovation community | Healthcare IT News


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