California is coming out swinging and putting the IT infrastructure and programs in place to work with reform.  There are a couple videos here and this is “try” like almost everything else in healthcare and at least the exchanges are being put in place.  We were already experiencing problems with access.  We also have some efforts from the California CIO office pushing digital literacy too.  They all get it and understand that education is part of the process. 

California Governor Initiates Digital Literacy Campaign By Executive Order

Let’s face it, we would be looking at the same issue today with or without healthcare reform as what occurred on Wall Street changed the world with algorithmic formulas reshuffling the money in the country and the average person was outwitted, and so was the SEC for that matter, with mathematical formulas that worked on this for years.  Some who don’t understand IT processes will never get to that reality, but it’s the truth and what we have to deal with today.  The digital library video series is good and sure beats the hell out of some guy in Congress talking about abortions again, those are the folks in denial and the non participants with current healthcare technology.  BD


While some parts of the nation are figuring out how to block national health care reform or repeal the law, California has plunged headfirst into making it work. The Republican governor and the Democratic legislature are cooperating to smooth the way for a new approach to insuring and treating million of patients.

California was the first state to pass legislation this summer, outlining how it plans to set up a health insurance exchange as mandated in the new law. The state has also received a $10 billion Medicaid waiver from the federal government that will allow it to expand its Medicaid program and usher in some other changes in the new bill ahead of schedule.

Nonetheless, California's health planners are giving it their all. Implementing health care reform -- and proving it can work-- is a major priority of the outgoing Schwarzenegger administration. They think they can navigate through that thicket, find the money to pay doctors and cover poor patients, and organize a complex, detailed and controversial system to take care of the state's patients. It will take a while -- at least four years, perhaps more -- to find out if they are right.

In California, Republicans and Democrats Work to Implement Health Care Reform | The Rundown News Blog | PBS NewsHour | PBS


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