This is an interesting video made by an individual that conducts clinical trials in talking with one of their participants who is talking about a friend who is involved in the trial, and he gets paid!  I think there might be a run on this trial!  Anyway, this is an interesting video to say the least to hear the comments.  He says you get your bag and a roll of “rolling paper” and participants are observed while smoking.  Recruiting so far has been by word of mouth, and maybe there’s a reason for that <grin>.

You can watch and make your own opinion and the video states that this is happening at UCLA and maybe Dan at his clinical trial company will provide some updates if they become available.  I would think though to get the most scientific information possible that wearing something like a LifeShirt would add more additional data to such a study too, get the wireless and blue tooth monitoring going here as well and dress up those participants appropriately.  BD 

LifeShirt Has Upgrade Coming Out With Bluetooth and Zigbee Wireless – A Shirt that Transmits Health Data

Some clinical trials pay people to smoke marijuana, Some clinical trials pay people to smoke marijuana DanSfera on USTREAM. Educational


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