As with any EHR medical records system, productivity does reduce during the learning curve and the Santa EHR is no exception and they can only see 2 pint size patients a day!  This definitely is putting the toy delivery behind schedule as the elves have become empowered patients and decided this year they want all their records too and the direction of Claus is working over time to make this happen. 

The group still has reservations about whether or not they needed to add on the expensive death panel module that Extormity has added to their portfolio of software earlier this year.  During an encounter, elves are able to click on a “Play” button in the EHR that will randomly select an end-of-life plan and generate applicable documentation — saving valuable time and shifting responsibility to the elves, but the problem is these guy don’t die they are eternal so this could have been software that was oversold.

Extormity Introduces A Death Panel Module For the imageAlgorithmically Challenged IT Illiterate Crowd And Is “Seedie Certified” (Humor)

Things have been a little tough this year at the North Pole, so the Claus group further invested in the Medicare Fraud Module to see about how revenue cycling could be maximized.  The elves are getting old and are costing Claus a huge amount of money will all their chronic conditions they have developed.

Extormity EHR Launches Medicare Fraud Module (Humor) Up Coding Made Simple

The elves have been particularly happy with the fact that their medical visits do smell better though and the Aromatherapy module has made their elongated visits much more enjoyable. 

Does Your EHR Stink? Extormity Has the Answer With Adding A New Feature - Aromatherapy

The physician contracted to the Claus group was really happy to see this addition as his visits with Santa were not really too pleasant when discussing his cholesterol problems and adhering to his medications and he always seem to fall asleep during his visits. The fragrance from the EHR module made the physicians and exams with Santa much more bearable without having to deal with with the constant gas that Santa passes.  Being contracted to the Claus group, the physician has not been able to make a buck off of his pay for performance program no matter much he documents in his EHR  so again the fragrance really helps make Santa’s visits bearable and let’s not even talk about the PSA exam.  

The doctor decided this year too that Mrs. Clause needed a break and found the perfect present for Santa and he hopes that Medicare might find it in their heart to reimburse him for this under the new PECOS guidelines as this is “durable equipment” of the utmost need.  

Sleep Farting – There’s a Solution, The Better Marriage Blanket (Video)image

All in all the organization is working around all the complex situations that this new EHR has created and being Seedie certified guarantees a most time consuming and most time intense system to fully address chronic illnesses.  Again these folks are here every year and they have been around a lot longer than us so a complex complicated EHR like Extormity seems to be the perfect fit and there’s no guarantee this is ever going to lead to any better healthcare at the North Pole!


Electronic health record vendor Extormity today announced that its EHR solution has been implemented at the on-site employee health center housed within Santa’s workshop.

“Healthcare delivery at the North Pole is challenging and expensive, given elfin genetic dispositions toward diabetes and Santa’s smoking history,” stated Extormity CEO Brantley Whittington. “Implementing the Extormity solution shows that Claus, Incorporated is interested in a token gesture designed to give its workforce the impression it cares.”

The Extormity solution went live on November 1. “In retrospect, we should have implemented right after the holidays,” said Claus director of health promotion Hermie Jingleheimerschmitt. “Given the expense of the Extormity EHR and the fact that we can now only see two pint-sized patients per day with this cumbersome solution, we won’t be able to deliver toys to children in South Dakota, Manitoba, and most of South America this year.

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