This article has some pretty amazing stats in it with reporting that 21% of the imagecommercial office space in Beverly Hills is occupied  by healthcare businesses. 

Perhaps there’s not enough tax money here too?  I don’t know the real answer to that and it’s just a good guess.  Healthcare is the second largest industry in Beverly Hills behind hotels.  There are to be no surgery centers added, so you will have to make due with those that are currently operating and office space will have to be limited to 6,000 square feet.  Pharmacies need to be at least 30 feet from store fronts too.  The city wants more entertainment and shops where foot traffic can perhaps generate more retail business.  BD 

The passage of a recent City Council initiative has restricted the future of medical business in Beverly Hills, a city known for its high-quality health care professionals and high prices.
On Dec. 21 Beverly Hills City Council voted 4-1 to approve the passage of an amendment to restrict new medical developments and create new zoning restrictions that will limit the future of medical practices.
The amended ordinance prohibits the creation of new surgery centers, requires first floor pharmacies to operate at least 30 feet from store fronts, requires signage in medical offices indicating free parking, and limits the amount of office space to 6,000 square feet.

Medical Usage Limited By Beverly Hills City Council - Beverly Hills Courier, Beverly Hills Newspaper


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