This is a simple and efficient EMR program that an MD can use with a Tablet PC.  The One Note EMR has been around for a while and the latest version works with the latest update of One Note with a new interface.  This for the price of a simple EMR for record keeping is not bad and is designed to work with a tablet pc. 

Microsoft Office OneNote And the Ablet Factory EMR Reviewed Once More…


Also worth looking at is the Word Manager that can be used with Microsoft Office Word to add in SNOMED and 140,000 medical terms.  BD

Following the release of previous Toolkits, this product image
supports the Microsoft OneNote 2007.  
A new graphical user interface (GUI) and faster operation
make this version the one to purchase. 

Also included is the new Microsoft Ribbon Control, an easier
way to do your tasks.  
The abletFactory will assist in importing your custom forms
and templates.

abletFactory Handwriting Recognition EMR Electronic Medical Record Tablet


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