When the weather gets bad the treating of pallets moves inside and this is the result most of the time, even though the Lipitor may not be on wood pallets.  image2011 is going to be an interesting year too as both Lipitor patents run out, one in March and the second one in June.  There are already 3 major facilities destined to be cut.  BD 

Lipitor Stinks–Recall of Musty Odor Smelling Bottles– Too Close The Chemically Treated Pallets–Need 2D Barcodes-Pharmacists Would Have Welcomed the Opportunity to Scan With Cell Phones to Locate the Affected Items

Pfizer Inc. said Monday it plans to recall about 19,000 bottles of its imageblockbuster cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor in the U.S., marking the fourth such recall since August due to reports of malodorous bottles.

The New York-based drug maker said in a statement on its website the latest recall stems from one customer report of an uncharacteristic odor related to the bottles, which were supplied by a third-party manufacturer. Pfizer hasn't identified the supplier.

Pfizer has cited reports of musty or moldy odors emanating from bottles in recalling about 370,000 bottles of Lipitor in three previous alerts beginning in August.

Pfizer Recalls 19,000 Lipitor Bottles - WSJ.com


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