Everybody loads up the internet with how healthcare should take lessons from aviation, well maybe not this guy.  It turns out that yes he is a pilot but not an MD has he was billed to be and United added in here that he is not currently authorized to fly.  You really can’t believe everything you see on the web today can you.  If you read the entire story you can see where he was paid by Harvard, Michigan and other places for his presentations.  Granted to pull this off he’s not a dumb person by any means but deception is not in the game plan today.  Hopefully now we can stop hearing those posts about healthcare learning from pilots as there are tons of simulation schools and set ups across the US. 

The AMA had him scheduled to lead a seminar even after he had been grounded by United, and now that has been cancelled.  I did a quick search and found him as a speaker at the World Health Care Congress in 2006 and you can read his profile here.  He’s not a cardiologist and further more not a doctor as professed and to create a history of degrees, etc. is deception. 

“Dr. Hamman has been a pilot for thirty years and a clinician for fifteen years”


This story brings me back around to something I have written about on the Medical Quack when it comes to rating doctors.  Through my own research and comments added from other doctors, read the comment section, there was a doctor listed who worked for an IPA who never practiced medicine, so this is a problem with getting data correct and looking for those misrepresenting themselves. Here’s a quote from the comment section from one doctor who check out all the listed MDs in his area and what he found, a guy who never practiced medicine but did consulting work for HMOs and IPAs, so we could possibly run into a few more doctors that in fact are not really doctors at all.  We could have more doctor impersonators out there too that get themselves into data bases to show additional credentials. 

“Going further down the list, doctors # 22 and 27 are retired, and #28 is dead. Doctor #29 doesn’t actually practice medicine, and as far as I know has never practiced medicine in Texas and has never had a Texas medical license. (He did consulting for IPAs, PPOs.”

Avvo Physician Rating Service Can’t Get Accurate Information Listed on Doctors - One OC Oncologist Sitting in Jail for Fraud

Anyway the doctor made up that he did not have the medical and doctorial degrees from the University of Wisconsin in the 1980s.  I wonder if he spent years as a “check pilot” at United?  If his program was to assist doctors then he should have sold it to others on it’s real credentials as now people may start asking, what else did he lie about, I would.  BD

MILWAUKEE (AP) — He seemed like Superman, able to guide jumbo jets through perilous skies and tiny tubes through blocked arteries. As a cardiologist and United Airlines captain, William Hamman taught doctors and pilots ways to keep hearts and planes from crashing.

He shared millions in grants, had university and hospital posts, and bragged of work for prestigious medical groups. An Associated Press story featured him leading a teamwork training session at an American College of Cardiology convention last spring.

United would not discuss his job history, citing employee confidentiality. But the company confirmed that he is not currently authorized to fly. Hamman lives in Michigan and is based in Chicago.

After fessing up, Hamman asked the AMA and the cardiology group to let him continue, saying, "the work is the work."

They decided that a lie is a lie.

The Associated Press: AP EXCLUSIVE: Pilot duped AMA with fake M.D. claim


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