This is very cool and and I think any radiologist could have fun with this!  The sound quality is not real good and they give a bit of an explanation at the beginning on MAC OSX.  The imaging program used us open source OsiriX,which I have blogged about before.  It is open source and free and I have it on my MAC to play around with but real life radiologists use it too.  It was developed in California.  The two individuals conducting this demonstration are a radiologist and a computer scientist, a good match for this.  He is also using voice commands to change the movement Of the images as well.  This is well worth watching!  BD 

Kinect Radiology
At this point, we all have a serious question to ask: is there anything the Kinect can't do?  Ever dreamed of swirling medical images around with hand gestures? Head on down and mash play -- fantasyland awaits.

Kinect admits itself to hospital, treated for gesture control of medical images -- Engadget


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