With Season 2 the Dr. Oz Show he will be announcing his "11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It" Program on January 3rd.  Today I had a bit of a preview about how this imageis going to work.  When asked why is weight loss being attacked at this time of the year, well that’s a no brainer.  Dr. Oz hopes that by getting everyone educated and on the road to a good diet and exercise that he can “put himself out of business as a cardio vascular surgeon” in other words patients via exercise and good eating habits won’t be needing that service.

He stated that obesity in kids is growing faster than obesity in adults, and that’s a bit alarming.  He also states that no plan generated by a company is going to get the job done and that it is a personal goal that one needs to do for their own self esteem.  imageHe also stated today that the goal of everyone is to have no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar in their diet every day and we average 22.  He also made mention of seeing people drinking energy drinks that have more carbs in then than one may be able to work off in a session at the gym, now that’s a great point to think about if you want to see progress.

So why 11 weeks?  Dr. Oz stated it takes about that amount of time to re-program the body and the brain to adapt.  He says he feels lucky being born on an “11” too and it’s a number that works for him.  One blast from the past discussed today was bringing back Twister, why, it’s exercise and when you think about the game, if you are old enough to remember like me, yup there was a lot of twisting and stretching going on.  One other point of focus was getting kids and us too as adults to participate with other humans, in other words drop the computer for a while and relate to each other and talk.  I’m as guilty of that as the next person for getting carried away online.  image

Another item mentioned today was “meditation” and that’s a favorite of mine, even if you can just grab 5 minutes it is worth it and was great to hear Dr. Oz advocate it as well.  I call mine a brain flush but it’s the same thing. 

There will be more forthcoming after we have eaten ourselves silly after Christmas so keep tuned in here and visit the website soon for more information to follow.  Dr. Oz did admit to cheating a bit too with a few goodies and how he follows up with drinking a lot of water and of course doesn’t go overboard.  I guess we will have to wait and see if we get Oprah in here too for the 11 week challenge.  BD   

Tune in to "The Dr. Oz Show" Season 2 premiere on Jan. 3 for the official launch of his 11-week weight loss challenge.


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