The article states this is a “cloud” based service and is setting up operations in imageFlorida where the data platform was developed.  Where is the cloud going to be, here or India?  That’s not an out of the way question today and one we should ask of vendors.  The platform, called Preferr (Patient Referral System) is what will be used to connect all. 

It sounds like someone made some serious money with the algorithms they developed with selling to NIIT in India as the developer from Vistions@Work is now head of NIIT in the US.  Like everyone else getting into healthcare the focus is on the payables, that monstrous area where all the transactions lie and make for more expensive healthcare and puts companies on the stock exchange, what you don’t see working behind the scenes.  I call that subsidiary watch at the Medical Quack and again as you can read below this is an insurance focused industry that has now added a medical record platform to cash in with going after those big transaction fees.  Our own insurers here in the US are also grappling like crazy to get a chunk of that business too as you write the algorithms that do the transactions and instant profit, well not that simple but it’s all formulas making profits.  BD

From the website:

“The Insurance industry is in a state of flux, with organizations having to deal with discerning and demanding customers, ever changing user requirements and a highly competitive global landscape where attracting and retaining clients is a key imperative.


Insurers are looking to partner with solutions providers that bring them immense domain knowledge and skills and technical expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of the business.”

ATLANTA – India-based NIIT Technologies, one of the world's largest IT corporations, has entered the U.S. healthcare industry with the acquisition of an electronic health records and referral management platform. The platform, called Preferr (Patient Referral System), enables collaboration between physicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities and laboratories.

With ARRA mandating that physicians focus on providing better patient care through EHR sharing among hospitals and specialists, NIIT executives say that Preferr will help improve continuity and quality of care for the patient and improve operational efficiencies for all practices.

NIIT technologies makes move into healthcare | Healthcare IT News


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