We live in a strange society today with sometimes trying to find what is normal and this show seems to go to the edge to find out what is not normal.  The video with imagethe woman addicted to her “blow dryer” is a scream, and you wonder if this was not made up for the show, at least I felt that way.  There some other strange folks here that eat cleanser (didn’t know if it was Ajax or Comet)and eat toilet paper and they have some issues that could affect their health.  The sad thing about some of this though is that insurance companies here and there are cutting mental health coverage from some of their policies.  BD 

A new TLC show called MY STRANGE ADDICTION  is a series of compelling stories of people battling strange, obsessive, and addictive behaviors. MY STRANGE ADDICTION premieres this Wednesday, Dec. 29 and runs until Feb. 2011.
Some of the addicts - and strange addictions - featured over the course of the series include:

  • Lori, who is addicted to her blow dryer, sleeping with it (running) every night;
  • Kesha, who admits to consuming half a roll of toilet paper a day;
  • Davecat, who is addicted to his silicone wife, treating his life-size doll like a human;
  • Crystal, who eats household cleaner and has been doing so since she was 12;
  • April, whose devotion to ventriloquism made her give up her fiancé for her puppets; and
  • Debbie, who is addicted to cats, and despite being allergic has over 20 of them
My strange addiction

The series allows viewers to explore the bizarre ways these individuals cope, as well as the often relatable stories that led each addict to where he or she is now with addiction expert Dr. Mike Dow.


  1. Wow, that's strange. It would be kind of hard to take some of them seriously!


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