Thanks to everyone who participated and one of the winners was from the Medical Quack, Picture Me Happy, congratulations!  Miller’s Children’s Hospital in Long Beach participates with the program and last year I did an interview with the CFO of the hospital and was able to see the pictures as they were being posted, as contributed by the children.  The touch screen computers will be used by the children in the hospital, neat! 

Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach – Brand New Pavilion Carries Focus on Patients and “Green”

Below is a short recap of the contest and each recipient will be receiving a set of 5 touch screen Lenovo computers. 

Lenovo is also giving away three packages of 5 M90z units each, destined for worthy social/non-profit causes such hospitals, clinics, schools, community centers , and the like, a process in which all participating site owners will be invited to assist soliciting entries for consideration.

3 packages of five (5) M90z units will be awarded to a worthy medical or educational institution such as a clinic, hospital, school, community center, adult education facility, etc located in US/CA will be given away. 

Here are the winners:

Recipient: Picture Me Happy  (    
Locale: Many Hospitals in the US   image
Submitted by: Barbara Duck, The Medical Quack (
Back story: The children involved use the computers directly and the touch screen capability of the computers would make them user-friendly for the children, especially those confined to a hospital bed where using a mouse can be difficult. Being immersed in the creative process provides a necessary diversion away from illness and toward the healing power within. Picture Me Happy provides a mechanism for regular involvement in the creative process by providing onsite Arts in Medicine equipment, supplies and programs that are available 24 hours a day. Picture Me Happy is the first Arts in Medicine program which is non-reliant on the schedules of voluntary artists, enabling participants to work with the program when the time is right for them.

Recipient: Harbor Science and Arts Charter School (    
Locale: NYC
Submitted by: Helena Stone, (
Back story: The Harbor Science and Arts Charter School is located in the Upper East Side of Harlem in New York City and primarily serves students in 1st through 8th grade. Any child that is a resident of New York City is eligible for enrollment through a lottery process. The school is committed to providing a challenging, rigorous, standards-based curriculum and by drawing upon the most successful practices in education, students at Harbor Science and Arts Charter School are prepared for success while at the school as well as to succeed in higher level institutions (high school, college). In our on-going commitment to support our school so that students meet and exceed standards, our curriculum and instructional practices are systematically assessed and renewed by staff and administration on a consistent basis.

Recipient: Clairview School    
Locale: Greensburg, PA
Submitted by: Vicki Davis, (
Back story: Westmoreland Intermediate Unit's Clairview School offers a range of learning experiences that build upon the strengths of each student and offers a caring, supportive atmosphere to learn skills needed for independence. We are a school for students with special needs; we service students with physical and mental disabilities, so these touch screens would be wonderful for the students to access the computer. Our website is here: http://www.wiu.k12.p...ite/default.asp (


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