It looks like we have a bit of everything here from treadmills to glucose readers to weights.  If you happened to read the news this week their sales numbers were down a bit so what’s the answer, healthcare products.  If you are buying a device, according to the video they will help you connect your computer to the device.  Back in July the Geek Squad in some stores were supplying both hardware and software tech help for Cardiac Science. 

Cardiac Science Partners with Best Buy Geek Squad And/Or IT Experts For Sales, Tech Support and Consulting To Include Medical Record and Device Connectivity

In addition last year they ran a survey to see if consumers would feel comfortable and buy healthcare products at the stores so the answer must have been a solid yes to roll out the products.  BD

A 30-foot-long in-store health and fitness presentation area enables imageconsumers to sample many of these devices before they buy. On display are state-of-the-art heart rate monitoring watches, pedometers, special MP3 players, earbuds, headphones, yoga mats, scales, blood pressure monitors and other products from leading manufacturers such as Gaiam, GoFit, H2O Audio, MIO, Polar, Sportline and Yurbuds. image

Consumers interested in health and fitness products will have access to trained Best Buy Blue Shirts to help them better understand how technology can support their personal wellness. Whether helping to download exercise data to a home computer or creating a customized home gym complete with a treadmill, TV and surround sound, Best Buy’s Blue Shirts are equipped to assist consumers with product demonstrations and in-store interactive tools to show how the technological devices can help maximize their workout routines, track their results and create an environment to stay motivated.

Best Buy Announces Nationwide Rollout Catered to Health and Fitness Products | EON: Enhanced Online News


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