This is good to know as I think it is something that we all ponder at times when we donate money to causes.  It just seems a little lopsided as I think we would wish that more would find it’s way to the charity or cause.  As you can see below, the AG recommends to all to ask questions about charity contributions.  BD  image

The Report on Professional Solicitations for Charity in 2009 found that professional solicitors raised nearly $329 million. Of this amount, only $141 million or 43 percent of the amount raised ended up with the charity.  This means that on average, of every dollar that a professional solicitor raised for a charity in 2009, only 43 cents went to the charity.

I encourage donors to give generously, but also remind them to do their homework.  Never hesitate to ask questions about where your money is going and remember that you can send a donation directly to a charity to ensure the largest percentage of your donation goes to the charity’s cause.”

Office of the Attorney General - - Press Release


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