This is always a hot topic anywhere no matter how you look at it and we have plenty of outsourcing in healthcare in the US and not limited to India but China and other countries as well.  With the new bill passed, taxes will be forthcoming on goods and services coming to the US from overseas.  With current economic imageconditions in the US we need jobs too, and I think that is somewhat of a cry all over the world.  Infosys, the huge conglomerate mentioned here also gets contracts from other countries such as this one from the UK back in 2008. 

Infosys of India wins IT Outsourcing deal from AstraZeneca

As mentioned in the article below, many were surprised that the enactment came so quickly but again here in the US we are facing economic conditions that need to be addressed on our home ground too. 

It is a challenge today for CIOs and other healthcare executives to determine what can and what cannot be outsources for sure.  Cost of course is driving the move but again with Health IT services there are some that are better kept in house.  BD

The resilient Indian IT industry on Friday expressed outrage over the latest US law to increase the visa fee on its skilled workers to share the healthcare burden of 9/11 victims. "It's a retrograde step targeting the Indian IT industry again to meet the healthcare costs in the US. It is a

disappointing move," Infosys Technologies Ltd chief executive S Gopalakrishnan said in Bangalore.

The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, passed by the US Congress late Wednesday, is aimed at raising $4.3 billion over the next five years by taxing goods and services sourced from countries like India, China and Thailand.

"The latest protectionist move is inconsistent with the ethos that were exchanged during the visit of US President Barack Obama to India," Wipro executive vice-president Suresh Senapathy said.

Indian IT industry upset over US healthcare cost burden - Hindustan Times


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