You can watch the video and hear about the letter sent to the parent company of St. Joseph’s hospital (I was born here many years ago) and see what the conflict is all about.  If an agreement is not reached then the hospital would not be able to hold mass or display Catholic items.  From what I understand from reading here this goes back to one case where they had to save a life and terminated a pregnancy.  Hopefully they will work it out.  BD 

PHOENIX - In a letter to the parent company of St. Joseph's Hospital, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix says he wants more oversight over the hospital to make sure it complies with church teachings.

It comes in the wake of a decision by doctors at St. Joseph's to terminate a pregnancy to save the mother.

"Everyone makes mistakes, whether personal or as an organization," said a man who only wanted to be identified as Christopher. "Everyone makes mistakes."

Valley hospital may lose Catholic status


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