Here we go once more with the inability to come to the conclusion and reality of how technology and it’s use is impacting our daily lives.  I write about this all the time and how it created unintended consequences and some of them are to the point to where they are the next OMG stories in the news and we have not had a shortage in this department this last year.  Sure such stories grab headlines, but in the case of Arizona, people are dying.  image

The other day a friend told me about how her husband was let go from his job via email.  We hear more about this in the news today and it sadly seems to repeat itself over and over as people seem to forget how we need to be able to look each other in the eye and communicate. The person doing the firing was in the same building 2 doors down.  When he received the email that he had been let go, he went down for an eye to eye meeting, only to find the person doing the firing sitting in his office with the door locked and disallowing a conversation of face to face, eye to eye to take place.  The Arizona imageGovernor reminds me a lot of that mentality and the inability to combine technology with ethics and common sense today.  From what I have read in the news, it makes me wonder if she can balance her own check book.  I say this due to the public comments made on the fact that she keeps repeating that the state does not have the money to fund transplants. 

Most today are familiar with accounting functions which is good to know where the money HAS gone, but cannot grasp the idea of projecting with algorithmic or mathematical formulas on how to create solutions, this is the Arizona Governor as we see in the media.  Every time you do get the opportunity to see her make public comments, none of what is said seems to rise anywhere above this and she seems perfectly content to stand by, not call a special session of the legislature to find or shift funds for this cause, which in my opinion is the absolute number one cause here, saving lives.  She has basically said I have no moral ethics and that is that and again I relay that to IT illiteracy and not being open to exploring other solutions. 

These solutions are modeled and created with software today that go beyond where we as humans may go with our own brains, and it has been going on for years as the levels of both consumer and business intelligence rise due to having this capability.

When I watched Senator Boehner cry all over the place this week on 60 minutes the same type of conclusions came to mind when he mentioned the opportunities for his kids and everyone else's to have the ability to “live the American dream” as he knows as well as the rest of us, that chances are becoming slim and none in this area. It makes me cry too, but we need to travel up the next level here and full explore and collaborate on solutions rather than taking on old stands that no longer are relevant. .  In the last elections the folks in technology, and I am one of them, basically lost out as we were imagediscouraged to see this IT digital Illiteracy continue as there was nobody to basically respect and anyone with any real level of intelligence running, so the folks living in the 70s went out and voted for the folks that represented the70s and this is what we are stuck with today.  He might have one other reason to cry too in the fact that his Pledge for American in it’s first release as a pdf document showed all the authors being former lobbyists on his staff but maybe that part is a little more embarrassing?

The Properties of an Adobe pdf Document -Rachel Maddow Rips the GOP on Lack of General Consumer IT Knowledge And Exposes the Input and Authors of the Content–Lobbyists

We have luddites on the Democratic side too that let this happen with the same problem and so many like myself are becoming affiliated with “the party of the internet” as both side have left such huge disappointments out there with again the inability to become participants with IT consumer awareness and the reality of how to use technology to make better laws and make the US a better place to live, and recreate that opportunity for the youth to “live the American dream” so I guess we will seen the Senator cry a lot more for the next 2 years on this reality unless we see some kind of awakening occur.  There are millions of Americans who also cry over the same issue so what’s our choices here, get educated and participate or sit and all cry in our own milk?  I don’t think the latter does much for a solution.

Then we come back to Rootin Tootin Jan Brewer who looks worse in every public appearance and again I think she may reside in that category of the email and the locked door most of the time as when she does appear, well listen to the video below and make your own opinion and further more you might want to ponder how she sleeps at night but perhaps ignorance allows that to occur and maybe she sits and cries?  It doesn’t do much for a strong and educated leader for the rest of us.  In the video they talk about the stimulus money Arizona received and the ability to perhaps shift fund and hold a special election, but again for the algorithmically illiterate that requires additional time and learning on her part so again, it appears she chooses to just let people die rather than raise her level of intelligence here with seeking solutions that could work and save lives.

This week I also listened to Jon Stewart taking to Gordon Brown from the UK, who like everyone else is finding the tour to do the “Shell Answer Man” routine and books as such are becoming a dime a dozen in the fact that there may be some good points made in such books, but filtering and having to read some of the entire rhetoric is something many don’t have the time to do anymore, and I admit myself I would like to find more time to read books, but most of my reading these days is on the internet.  I wished when I grew up that I would have had this wealth of information available to me like we have now and shame on anyone who doesn’t use it.  image

With Gordon Brown talking, it was somewhat disturbing to hear his comment that he made saying “he had no idea on how connected the banks had become”, well here we go back to the 70s and lots of folks asleep at the wheel while intelligence and technology continued to work on their side and again the rubble of what we have left to deal with today.  I enjoyed his interview and his personality but he right out front did admit to his extreme lack of IT Literacy and how the data game and algorithmic formulas are used so add him to the Brewer world of Rootin Tootin bliss politicians.  Gordon Brown deserves one big “DUH” for that comment but he has tons of company with others who were asleep at the wheel living in the world of the IT Illiterate.

I think too if we didn’t have so many out dated and non participant politicians, our President would have not been driven to the point of having to create this Council as he is reaching out to the entities that have embraced this technology, used it to make profits, some very ethical and maybe some not, to help educate and bring some of this over to the other side.  Bill Gates has testified almost every year in front of Congress about education to deaf ears or perhaps better called the “non participants” and look where it went, nowhere and now this awareness of education and the strong need for role models is looking us right in the face and there’s nobody to blame except the non participants who were not open enough to educate themselves years ago to see what was occurring.

President Obama Created Council to Advise Federal Government On Ways to Promote Social Community Projects and Philanthropy Via Executive Order

We also have bliss and non participants on the legal side of government too which was brought out yesterday in the fact that judges are ignorant to the fact that they are on public display today and should be aware that every part of their lives is going to be looked at, especially with investments that roll on Wall Street.  One thing by comparison that folks like Bill Gates see is that they knew this ahead of time and a year or so ago removed all their money from investments with drug companies, so he gets it with image being everything in a digital world today and yes he did help create a lot of what we enjoy today, while others, like Wall Street use it for “desired” results instead of “accurate” queries.  Both can generate money and again this is normally above and beyond where the average consumer looks as IT systems run in the background and go 24/7 as we as humans still need 6 to 8 hours sleep at night.

Judge In Health Care Lawsuit, Has Financial Ties To GOP Marketing Firm-Judges Need Some “Algo Men” on Board As Advisers to Sort Out Their Connected Interests

So where do you want to go with the investment ties of the judge?  You can join in with all the other opinions but I think he needs further digital education in order to keep his intelligent stance and be able to make legal decisions that are in fact legally correct.  Denial is not a river in Egypt as someone has said. 

We do have some allies out there with healthcare that are doing their best to try and share with us what is happening on the other side of the coin, like Wendell Potter in healthcare, but are we listening?  What better information and intelligence can you get I ask?  He was on the other side for years and is working diligently to bring this awareness and education around too on the mathematical numbers and how this algorithmic intelligence works.  Those algorithms are so strong that people every day log on to their computers and if the answer shown on the screen is one that perhaps should be questioned, people don’t.  

Wendell Potter Tell All Book–Deadly Spin–One to Put On My List as “He Knows Algorithms and How they Create Profits”

Wake up time here as that algorithm maybe morally wrong, financially created for profits only and again viewed by a non educated user in general consumer digital awareness to believe it is 100% accurate with what is presented.  It’s hard at times to figure out the difference, but with Wall Street activities unraveling it’s becoming more visible these days on how mathematical formulas are shaping our environment.  I think this is where Jan Brewer resides with some of her decision making processes. Folks that write code and do IT work see it, but the average lay person may not.  Furthermore, this is exhibited by folks thinking that the expenses to make systems happen is funded by money that grows on trees.  If you are not embracing this reality then we have a big group of folks too that hang out on trees and in my opinion the Arizona governor is quite clearly represented in this group.  This by the way is a non partisan comment as there are plenty of those in both parties, some just prefer a lower profile and don’t draw attention to themselves if they can avoid it. 

Do Some Think That Health IT Costs and Systems Grow On Trees-Certainly Starting To Give That Impression of Late

We can also explore some of this predictive behavior as I somewhat suggested in a recent post as far as us, you know the other side here, being able to obtain some of this same types of data, in other words with all the algorithms trying to predict our behavior as related to our health, why not have some data on the individuals running hedge funds too <grin>.  What is good for the good is good for the gander, right?  If investors are going to sink in big dollars do you not think they would like to have some real “behavioral due diligence” on how the people they are trusting with their money are going to perform?  I think we like this idea and this open all kinds of new possibilities.  I should probably do a post one day on the aspects of how “BEHAVIORAL DUE DILLIGENCE” would further over all intelligence and at the same time it might just keep some folks rolling those stocks a little more honest, you think?  Just think what Congress could do with this sort of intelligence <grin>.  imageJust think we could turn Wall Street algorithms to good use with analyzing themselves in this process.

Behavioral Science for Hedge Fund Executives Hints At the Prospect of New Social Environments-Predictive Modeling Algorithms Showing Status of Well Being

In the meantime we are somewhat stuck in limbo with the 70s still being shouted out and a society of trying to figure out out what in the heck are they talking about and how can such lack of intelligence with not being able to explore other forms of business intelligence exist and be allowed to deny people care and lead to their deaths. 

Perhaps we have a growing community of non participants with no regard for educating themselves with better intelligence solutions like we see with Jan Brewer growing?  I hope not as it is scary and all the folks in the “party of the internet” see it, just watch Twitter comments for a day or two and it’s all thereThis is the intellectual community needed to grow better systems and governments with proper ethics that was completely over looked during the last election and ignored but we do have opinions and speak out amongst ourselves if we can’t penetrate getting higher levels of communication through those in places who can make a difference, i.e. those that make and enforce laws. 

People that write code and the algorithmic formulas like to share and increase value and education, it is just a natural but the rest of the world and the Jan Brewer Society for the Digital Illiterate can endeavor to educate themselves up a notch to participate and continue to live with the values of the 70s and I think too are totally bliss to how when appears to others, maybe time for a wake up call here?

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) commented recently on the cuts to her state's Health Care Cost Containment System, which have imperiled the lives of some patients in need of an organ transplant. Brewer said that people branding the cuts as a real-life incarnation of "death panels" should be asking the federal government to send more money -- a perhaps surprising position from someone who continues to oppose the federal health care reform legislation passed earlier this year.

Jan Brewer Medicaid Cuts Have Arizona Governor Under Fire


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