This is great and who better to hear it from than a surgeon who this for a living.  imageSometimes with all the information we have floating around out there today we might not always get some of the information we need and then too marketing enters the picture and sometimes clouds issues too.  Give a listen to Dr. Luks and I found it very informative and down to earth and done in a language we all can understand. 

He also mentions a pulmonary embolism and it’s potential during surgery.  Back in 2009 I had the opportunity to get educated myself on this topic with a quick interview I did with Cook Medical and how patients can be evaluated prior to surgery for potential clots with an interventional procedure.   BD

Pulmonary Embolisms (PE) – Cook Medical’s Next-Generation (IVC) Filter Delivery System

Knee Implants

If you are considering a total knee replacement you are in significant pain, likely have a significant disability and your quality of life is probably suffering as well.  

A total knee replacement is a BIG procedure… you must be well informed, and you MUST be *ready* for it.  You should understand the procedure, the risks, the potential complications and the realistic goals!  Once you understand that you can then make an informed decision whether or not you feel the “risk-benefit” ratio is in your favor. 

When all is said and done you have a 90+% chance of doing “well” and being pleased.  But it will not be a quick and easy path.

Musings of an Orthopedic Surgeon - Considering a Total Knee Replacement?


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