This is something new that I had not seen yet with a patient who has had a knee imagereplacement and he uses telemedicine with a device attached to his knew and his computer to complete his daily therapy. 

The patient feels better doing it at home as he can work the timing around his schedule at his home.  In addition you can see the doctors doing a web conference with a patient who needs follow up but lives too far away to revisit.  Also, patients are using blue tooth connections from home to enter their vital information to the PC. The telephone company is also developing additional software to make systems imageeasier to use. 

On the UK a chip is fitted into the cellphone to help keep up with those suffering from asthma.  This is pretty interesting as you breath on the phone for 5 seconds and then your results are given. 

I wonder too if can tell you if you have bad breath too.  The results are gathered and sent back via text message to the patient.  The video states that 17% of the population of Europe is 65 or older, so same issues we have here in the US.  BD 

Instead of having to go to the hospital on a daily basis for physiotherapy, he is doing it at home, using a remote monitoring terminal that works using mobile phone technology.

The technology has been developed by Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica.

An ageing - and expanding - population is presenting health care providers and governments with a budgetary crisis. In Europe around 7% of GDP is spent on healthcare, and in the US that figure rises to 15%.

BBC News - MHealth: Mobile technology brings healthcare home


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