This is a classic presentation from Larry Ellison and actually is very good with explaining to the layman what is a box and what is the cloud as consumers don’t imagereally know the terminology.  He tells you the cloud is in a box and you have laugh at his humor.  He talks about both private and public cloud computing and explains the platform of cloud computing. “A cloud is a lot of computers on a network” he states. Oracle just announced the Oracle Office Cloud offering last week. He is also sitting pretty well this week with the recent court award Oracle won due to copyright and patent infringements. does run in box, a big server and those are boxes.  BD 

Oracle Announces Cloud Office 1.0 to Compete with Microsoft and Google

Back in September of 2009 another video worth a watch.

Larry Ellison on Oracle – Wants to be IBM, T.J. Watson’s IBM

Now Oracle’s definition of the cloud differs from the software as a service competition. Ellison talks in terms of both public and private clouds. Oracle’s Cloud Office effort lacks a public version.

Oracle CEO Ellison: Fusion apps will give us edge on cloud crowd | ZDNet


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