I don’t know if this is good news or not as the rest of the world reads what we have here in the US but as I read here the company is a start up and 80,000 members are currently enrolled along with 3000 doctors, dentists and labs.  Members pay an annual fee for a card that offers services at a discounted rate. BD

US-based Aetna International has acquired 100 per cent stake in Indian Health Organization Pvt Ltd, an Indian start-up for an undisclosed amount, the company said.image

With this acquisition Aetna will gain entry into Indian market and get access to 80,000 members enlisted as IHO customers, network of 3,000 doctors, dentists, clinics and labs, as well as preventative care and wellness programs and opportunity for Aetna to diversify into a new geography, the company added.

IHO was founded in 2008 by Visham Sikand and Sunando Sen with 2,500 doctors, 800 pharmacies, 300 laboratories and 500 dentists in their network. It provides health card for an annual fee that offers card holders diagnostic tests and medical consultations at discounted rates. The card can also be used at a network of doctors, dentists and pharmacies for further discounts.

Aetna International Acquires 100% Stake In Indian Health Start-up IHO | VCCircle


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