I occasionally cover this topic and burn out it is.  Being a CIO today is one of the most thankless jobs around and all are over worked.  We have developing new technologies that appear from right field, from left field and from center field every day.  We are also a society that seems to put more emphasis on our computers entertaining us versus a learning tool, evidenced by all the folks that sit around and play addictive games on Facebook and the likes.  There’s nothing wrong with a little entertainment but if only maybe 15% of that gaming and entertainment time were focused toward a little education we would be miles ahead. 

CIO Confidence In Meaningful Use Drops-The New Left Curve of Technology That Arrives Daily Contributes-Don’t Burn These Folks Out

“It’s not uncommon for political appointees to leave after two or three years, especially in the era of BlackBerrys and the 24-hour workday.”

That is a tough task when so much of what is marketed is entertainment and that will keep you stupid for a long time and in actuality we become citizens that are much easier to sway as if you haven’t noticed there have been big leaps in technology this last year and it’s a war and a game and those with the knowledge will win every time.  This is a big job to consolidate IT projects as the way the world works today developers wanting to sell new software just keeping building on other software platforms and program and the price sky rockets without consolidation of technologies to keep things affordable. 

US Federal CIO Vivek Kundra to Review 30 High Risk IT Projects – Federal IT Dashboard Used to Identify Rating Concerns

When working with new technologies and trying to bring in web apps and just things that will make life easier, the resistance is strong and if you don’t read quite a bit today, then you are behind and it will get worse.  As a whole we are just not all on the same road to a better educated country and there are many forces that pull us in every direction and thus the predictions of Intel and many others will come true as being a country left behind with technology as others are not waiting for us.  I think Mr. Kundra got frustrated as we all need a feeling of accomplishment and when you can’t move in that direction, eventually you give up.

Vivek Kundra-US CIO To Resign And Take Fellowship at Harvard-Was He OverTaxed And Burnt Out, If So That is Allowed Today As This A True Reality for CIOs All Over the US

Dealing with the Congressional arm of our government is especially frustrating just from I read in the news and all cases of foot in mouth due to a lot of digital illiteracy and can these folks really create credible laws?  Scares the daylights out of me and I can be assured when I turn on the news of hearing about more useless abortion debates, sad but I guess that’s about all they think they can control?  Tackle a bigger need I say.  How does one exist and work with a Senate that cuts funding for “cloud” services?  Duh, digital illiteracy at work again.

Digital Illiteracy Still Plagues Law Makers–Severe Focus on Abortion Rights Proves It–Is This Where Our Lawmaking Knowledge Leaves Off or Even Begins? Scary…

In addition many in Congress do not understand the value of a good CIO or other tech executive that knows how to configure software system and we have a lot of choices today and when done wrong, a lot of extra money is spent and you don’t get what you wanted.  In what I do, I experience frustrations as well and work hard to work with others as I do comprehend the daily left curve technology sends us and am not bliss by any means and wish more would do so.  Again, as long as we remain a game focused computer user group, we will lose; however big business will continue to gain as they use advanced technologies and as consumers we are taking dull knives to machine gun wars.  Have you not noticed how difficult customer service is any more?  Take note if you have not.  The focus is money and shareholders and not consumers. 

All of this says nothing about the ability of the President and his leadership, as look who he consults with, the tech folks so he’s moving in the right direction.  The Intel CEO has said many times we are falling behind and thus so we see more companies move more money overseas and the last 2 years has seen a huge spike from the big guys like Microsoft and Apple to name two of the many who have moved money outside the US.  When the money moves out of the US, well so the jobs eventually.

President Obama Meeting with Tech Industry Leaders–CEOs and Some of the Smartest CEOs (Algo Men) Who Write Code

So many times the folks that are the “good” IT folks end up looking like the bad guys with trying to push some innovation and that is really sad because they are just trying to help, but in the meantime, the bad guys run a lot behind your back and you have no clue and they take your money and re-arranged the entire financial picture of this country, the power of the algorithms.  Education is the only way to slow this process and to be wise and aware of to use a computer for both learning and entertainment. 

The tech folks that went to work for the White House are giving up, frustrated just like many co CIOs are and we will be less of a power house in the world due to moving on technology in such a slow and illiterate pace while the rest of the world passes us by.  BD

When President Barack Obama took office, he brought with him a pack of technology advocates with impressive résumés and ambitious visions. They wanted to improve the government through the use of Internet tools and iPhone apps and help shape communications policy to expand broadband.

But the core group of techies that launched big initiatives has left the White House over the past six months, raising questions about what will become of the administration’s technology-focused goals.

Tech experts exit White House - Kim Hart and Michelle Quinn - POLITICO.com


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