This almost makes me wish a 10 billion files to scan:)  This looks like a good place to store some MRI images.  As we all talk about the exploding amount of data we are all dealing with, we need items as such unless we starting dumping data but of course we know that’s not going to happen.  Who’s the first big client here that’s all over this, DARPA and they are into the math and looking for the right algorithms to have machine learning and interpreting work for them.  BD


SAN JOSE, CA, July 22, 2011: Researchers from IBM (NYSE: HYPERLINK "" IBM) today demonstrated the future of large-scale storage systems by successfully scanning 10 billion files on a single system in just 43 minutes, shattering the previous record of one billion files in three hours by a factor of 37.
Growing at unprecedented scales, this advance unifies data environments on a single platform, instead of being distributed across several systems that must be separately managed. It also dramatically reduces and simplifies data management tasks, allowing more information to be stored in the same technology, rather than continuing to buy more and more storage.

"Businesses in every industry are looking to the future of storage and data management as we face a problem springing from the very core of our success – managing the massive amounts of data we create on a daily basis," said Bruce Hillsberg, director of storage systems, IBM Research – Almaden. "From banking systems to MRIs and traffic sensors, our day-to-day lives are engulfed in data. But, it can only be useful if it is effectively stored, analyzed and applied, and businesses and governments have relied on smarter technology systems as the means to manage and leverage the constant influx of data and turn it into valuable insights."

IBM rig doesn't look like much, scans 10 billion files in 43 minutes -- Engadget


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