Phones are getting better all the time and with all the big strides being made in imageconsumer medical devices will we, someday in the future be required t show up at the ER with our our EKG already emailed to the hospital?  Think about it as that could be not too far off base in the future. 

SHL Telemedicine has created the product and if you look at their website, they have few other telemedicine product that transmit data.  The video at the site is kind of interesting as here you imageare with your device connected and speaking with a “call center”.  The company is listed and traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange, SHLTN. 

Scientists have designed a remarkable new gadget which turns a mobile phone into a powerful medical tool able to detect heart problems.

The 'Smartheart' connects to the trendy smartphone and converts it into a hospital grade heart monitor capable of performing electrocardiograms in just 30 seconds.


The device hooks around the user's chest and records their heart rate by measuring its electro-activity.

Instead of a traditional ECG, which uses several monitors stuck to the body, Smartheart has just one and the scan is completed in 30 seconds.

You can then view the ECG in detail and email it to your doctor. If it imageidentifies an irregular or abnormal heart condition it will send you an alert.

Smartheart addresses the most crucial factor related to heart attacks - time. Within 30 seconds, anyone can record a scan and have it transmitted to their doctor.

'It can be used anywhere, by anyone, and is a real breakthrough in technology.'

Smartheart can be purchased for £300 online and the app can be downloaded for free.

High-tech gadget turns your smart phone into a hospital-grade heart monitor | Mail Online


  1. Yea, I must agree that one day a mobile phone can show up at the ER with our our EKG already emailed to the hospital? It is no surprise in the future. Technology are really awesome and makes life easier! :)


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