To me this look like a winner to combine both into one and of course by using one’s own stem cells, not foreign parts in the body.  Cytori has been around for a while and GE a while back when it was new invested here as well.  You can also read the peer review link below for additional information. 

Cytori Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction Study Shows The Process is Safe With Peer Review Later This Year-Regenerative Medicine

This is also great news for women who have suffered breast cancer as an alternative reconstruction procedure and the link above also has some information on how it has so far been safe.  BD 

TAMPA - Jill Anderson is in pre-op, going over a cutting-edge procedure to take fat from her thighs and use it to enhance her breasts.

“I'm hoping to have a more natural look as far as in my thigh area.  As far as the breast area, I just want to look like a woman. I want to feel natural and look natural, but at the same time look beautiful."

Dr. Rademaker says she's one of the first in the area to try new technology by Cytori to spin and separate stem cells from fat. First, the doctor uses liposuction to remove fat in her thighs. “Some people like to call it liquid gold."

Local surgeon uses stem cells and fat to enhance breasts naturally


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