This is kind of cute interview as part of the interview is actually done with Kinect Avatars.  Craig Mundie says Kinect is a good match to help autistic children with the automatic feedback.  He states there are going to be lots of new applications to be created.  In Germany it shows a system created that helps the blind.

He says as a country we are really struggling with brining aggregated technologies together to improve economics and create jobs.  He states businesses are not embracing technologies at the same pace as the pubic.  I might dispute that a little bit from what I see in the healthcare sector when it comes to mining and selling our data and some of the devices I report on here as they are way far advanced.

Now for another video that talks more specifically how jobs are not growing due to technology leaps as we don’t have enough people and we do not have a mix of tangible and intangible companies.  I have written a few times on that topic and the gap is getting larger each day. 

US Medical Companies Going Overseas for Investors While We Keep Driving Up Intangible Social Algorithms for Investments

In the video they talk about how companies are doing more with less.  Do the people who are out of work need to go open their own small business?  We might see more of this to survive.  We need more than just algorithms for jobs in the US and hopefully we can come to a better balance soon, but with a Congress that is for the most part digitally illiterate, it’s going to be hard to balance and grow.  BD 

Here’s a few more healthcare uses with Kinect.

Hospital Using Kinect Technology In the Operating Room To View and Manipulate Imaging-Saves Having to Rescrub! (Video)

Kinect And daVinci Surgical Robot Do Simulated Surgery Suturing Together (Video)
Microsoft Kinect Working with a PACS Server-Images on Steroids Via Gestures (Video)

Maria Bartiromo's & Xbox Avatar Kinect


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