One hospital, Elliot is laying off employees and there are 10 hospitals in the lawsuit.  Quite a few other programs are also being disconnected.  Elliott Hospital is due to received 17 million less. 

It was interesting to hear in the video with the CEO saying that it would be better to just forget Medicaid and write off the patient care already given as debt.  BD 

(NECN:  Lauren Collins – Manchester, NH) On Monday, Elliot Hospital was one of ten hospitals in New Hampshire to sue the state over Medicaid cuts.  A day later, “we announced 182 positions that were reduced,” says Elliot Health Systems President and CEO Doug Dean.

“We hope that it was necessary,” says House Speaker Bill O'Brien who finds the layoffs - and the lawsuit - disappointing, but disputes The Elliot's claim that lawmakers are accountable for them. 

“We would have liked to have continued funding of the hospitals at the same level as had been the case in prior budgets just like we would have like to have continued funding in many different areas, but we weren't able to.

NH hospital lays off over 180 people in face of budget cuts


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