This is interesting to listen to the man from Canada who traveled to Mexico for treatment and it’s pretty astounding when he talks about what he couldn’t do before and two weeks after surgery he can ride a bike and walk without oxygen.  He had 2 treatments at the clinic and was not even unable to bath himself before the treatment and was basically waiting to die in his words. 

COPD Stem Cell Therapy

There’s also a lot of work going on at UCLA with research in this area.  Just this week a new airway stem cell was discovered and the finding is also another step in the direction of treating COPD and treating cells to repair the mucus glands.  Again  when you listen to the results the man had in the video, there’s no doubt that stem cell therapy needs to continue as it is not only saving lives but giving quality of life back to patients as well.  BD


“I thought there was absolutely no hope and that I was destined to pass away.” Those are the words of Ron, a COPD patient who had stem cell therapy at Angeles hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Watch this moving video showing Ron before and after stem cell therapy. He talks about his symptoms before treatment and how he lost hope of ever getting better. Then we get to see his after therapy and the results are amazing. Watch the video below!

COPD Patient Video Before and After Stem Cell Therapy | StemCellMX


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