There’s a lot of topics covered in this video and jobs and healthcare are right in imagethere as well as health insurance.  He mentions how the entire credit rating situation has changed.  You want to see a good example of over exaggerated credit marketing, look no further than the link below to see a company that claims to have built an algorithm to predict compliance with taking medications based on adding credit scores to a mix of other data they collect!  This is the dark side of algorithms for marketing and profit and it could not be any clearer, don’t believe it.  In essence when he says the credit scoring and companies have changed, he hit the nail on the head here. 

FICO Analytics Press Release Marketing Credit Scoring Algorithms to Predict Medication Adherence–Update (Opinion)

He said his focus is technology and in the last couple of years while at Aetna those were the companies Aetna was buying – I call this “subsidiary watch”.  Now I don’t agree with the “market” approach for health insurance at all but his background is health insurance and I would not expect a different answer there. 
He also does touch on the fact too that we don’t have some of the right “types” of people in decision making processes and again I think when you have been at the top of the helm with data functionality and know how to adjust algorithms to quickly change and adapt business algorithms, you just can’t miss the fact that we are full if digital illiteracy with both lawmakers and executives who will in time end up killing us with rogue and inaccurate interpretations. 
As soon as we can get more “consumer tech participants” and drag a few more out of the tech denial closet, maybe we can make progress.   The US economy can’t live on algorithms alone for jobs and production and perhaps even the banks are finally beginning to realize this with some of their antics with over rated social and gaming algorithms they have put out there, the bottom will fall out eventually without tangibles to balance.  BD
The health-care plan passed in March 2010 will not be what is ultimately implemented, according to former Aetna CEO Ronald Williams.
Health-Care Law 'Just Won't Work': Ex-Aetna CEO - CNBC


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