Yup this one more of my infamous posts on the lack of the right technology and digital literacy among lawmakers.  Big companies use very sophisticated software and servers today, i.e. insurance companies and Wall Street, so how in the world imagedo they think that they are going to be able to come up with solutions here?  It’s as bad ad the Ryan deal and you know why?  They are not using the right technology to simulate and query as there’s a lot of stuff out there today, perhaps even triple fold of what had to be considered even 2 years ago, and these folks just don’t get it. 

I am not saying this the right technology is a miracle worker and will present a 100% magic formula but it will sure put them closer to the marker and avoid truckloads of unintentional circumstances.  Stop and think, this is what pharma does to create new drugs today, all on the computer until they reach the final stages to set up a wet lab when the computerized research is ready to move beyond the data.  Do you want to read a story about an insurance company that uses such system and really figured out how to maximize the system and get $50 to $80 from a money stricken state on top of everything else, check out the link below, it’s all math.

Cigna to Relocate US Headquarters From Pennsylvania to Connecticut And State Will Pay Them $80 Million In Economic Benefits–”The Attack of the Killer Algorithms”

This is what they need, so everyone queries and get the number from the same starting place and put big white boards around so those who do not use mobile devices can see too.image

Use of IBMWatson Technology in Congress Would Allow For Smarter Laws and Decision Processes With Bonus Points For Lowering Over All Impact of Lobbyists

Example Congressman meets with lobbyists and listens, then returns back to the chambers and digs in.  If equipped with speech recognition, even the lowest common denominator with consumer IT skills would be able to participate, so nobody gets left out or picked on for not being up to date, although this could be a good reason to learn up though too at the same time.  By running queries and having the servers connected to the internet modeling could be accomplished to simulate let’s say the desires of the lobbyist and consequences and/or benefits would be revealed, simulation the key here. 

The least this group could do would be to truck on over to the DOE and rent some computing space, others have. 

1.7 Billion Super Computer Hours Awarded by the DOE–Biomedical Research Projects Included for Parkinson’s and Cancer

I just don’t want to have to go see a sequel to the movie “Inside Job” and that sadly seems like we are moving in that direction with digital illiteracy and lack of technology use as everyone else around the government is using machine learning and predictive algorithms, but our folks still crank out reports with old technologies and try to work with information overload and just don’t get tit.  BD 

“Inside Job”–A Learning Experience and Documentary About Financial Algorithms-And Some of Same Exists in Healthcare

The Senate’s Gang of Six, once viewed as the last-best chance for a bipartisan budget-cutting deal, may have finally hit the end of the road.

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who abandoned the talks this spring, is still sitting the negotiations out — a decision that has prevented the group from releasing its long-awaited budget-slashing proposal, according to sources involved in the negotiations. With Coburn out, the other two GOP senators in the gang, Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo and Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss, have declined to publicly endorse it, people familiar with the group say.

Gang of Six hits end of road - Manu Raju - POLITICO.com


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