This device is very interesting and definitely stands to improve the quality of life forimage those who are afflicted with body fluids the accumulate in the abdomen due to liver cirrhosis or other related conditions.  The device is a battery-powered pump with catheters attached and one to the bladder as well.  The ALFApump collects the fluids and move it to the bladder to be expelled.  When you stop and think of how this is done now, I think anyone wouldimage want to try this alternative methods versus the big needle and invasive procedure of draining abdominal fluids. 

Hepatitis- and obesity-related liver diseases are escalating the number of patients who suffer from the condition and the repeated visits to drain are not something to look forward to as well so if this pump implanted does the work and sends the fluid to the bladder, then everyone wins here.  Hopefully the FDA will grant approval for use in the US before too long as well.  This is probably one of the most interesting engineered medical devices I have read about in quite a while and they are also working on something similar for the lung area. 


It also has a hand held charging unit that pumps through the skin and collect all the data on the pump activity and can be transferred to a doctor via a computer connection at the next office visit. 

Sequana Medical announced today that it has received CE Mark approval for the commercial sale of its ALFApump™ System. Over the coming months, the company will launch the product in selected hepatology and liver transplant hospitals across Europe. The ALFApump System is indicated for the management of refractory and recurrent ascites due to liver cirrhosis, a condition where massive and imageuncontrolled fluid accumulation occurs in the abdominal cavity.

"This is a major milestone both for our company and for patients with refractory ascites," stated Dr. Noel L. Johnson, CEO of Sequana Medical. "For patients, the treatment options for refractory ascites have been very limited and carried significant risks and side effects. The ALFApump System offers a new treatment tool which can improve patient quality of life while also reducing hospitalizations. It is a cost-effective solution and we believe over time it will become the preferred option for patients, physicians and payers. We are eager to begin our commercial launch in Europe."

Sequana Medical Receives CE Mark Approval for the ALFApump™ System and Adds... -- ZURICH, Switzerland, July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --


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