Greenway has been around for a long time and perhaps one of the first EHR imagevendors when all of this started years ago.  They are an approved vendor and also have their own speech recognition technology that is used with their medical record for both doctors and in hospitals.  This is one of the speech technologies not bought by Nuance yet and that might require the whole package if that idea were ever entertained.  BD 

In registration papers and a prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Carrollton, Ga.-based company estimates the market for its products at $33 billion. Of that, the market for its integrated EHR/practice management system is $9 billion, with imagemarkets of $14 billion for revenue cycle management services, $3.5 billion for health information exchange and $2 billion for speech recognition. The company also sells provider and patient Web portals and apps for mobile devices. More than 33,000 providers use the products.

Greenway Medical Files to Go Public


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