The crash took place after hours and there will be a couple of doctors without offices tomorrow.  Luckily the offices were empty.  Two surgical technicians in surgery left the room and ran out with fire extinguishers to help put out the fire until the fire department arrived.  Thank goodness it was not the surgery areas that were hit.  The account from the one man who saw the faces of the two in the plane is eerie as both died in the accident. 


The hospital area itself was fine with the exception of smoke and the smell of the fire from the crash. One doctor who’s office was affected will be going in as soon as it is safe to secure her patients records.  The hospital is in close proximity of the airport.  BD

UPDATED 9:20 P.M. WATSONVILLE - A four-passenger airplane crashed into Watsonville Community Hospital about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, killing two people, according to Fire Chief Mark Bisbee.

Witness George Benson said he saw the plane take off. The pilot appeared to be trying to clear the fog line.

Benson, a Watsonville pilot, was in the industrial park adjacent to the Watsonville Municipal Airport. He said the single-engine light brown Mooney aircraft was a four-seater.

"He was heading toward the coast and tried to climb," Benson said. "From the time he took off he was going too steep, too slow.

Arnold, whose fiancee is in labor inside the hospital, said the plane came careening sideways across the parking lot about 15 feet above his head.

"I saw two faces and two big sets of eyes," Arnold said of the passengers inside the plane.  Surgical technician Rick Cervantes said he was in surgery and heard the crash. He and his partner ran out with two fire extinguishers and attempted to put out the flames before firefighters arrived.

Airplane nose dives into Watsonville Community Hospital, two people dead - :


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