We have 2 regulatory insurance agencies in California, the Department of Insurance and the Department of Managed Care.  The good news is at least one form of treatment for autism has been approved but the sticking point here is that it has to imagebe through the arm of Blue Shield that falls under the managed care agency and not the Department of Insurance.  This gets confusing at times and I do have to say this is at least one step in the right direction as autism treatment has been a no go for such a long time. 

According to this article too, one commenter stated that there may not be a larger number of therapists who can provide the therapy.  This question would be much better fielded by a family who has a son or daughter who has autism.  There is a growing company too in the Los Angeles area that also offers help and assistance with autism information and other services.  I don’t know anything about them but below is a prior press release on the business.  BD 

Wellspring Opens Corporate Headquarters in Los Angeles – Autism Treatments and Services

Parents of children with autism are hopeful they have scored a victory this week after Blue Shield of California has agreed to pay for a form of therapy for the developmental disorder that it previously refused to cover.

The announcement that Blue Shield will pay for behavioral therapies for autism treatment - a step that other providers may soon follow - was made Wednesday during a hearing at the Capitol.

The hearing was focused on myriad problems parents faced in seeking coverage for behavioral therapies for their autistic children, but part of the way through, Maureen McKennan of the Department of Managed Health Care that regulates health maintenance organizations told members of a committee about the agreement.

Coverage of the treatment - known as applied behavior analysis or behavioral intervention therapies - has been denied by HMOs and health insurers who said it is not medical treatment. Medical professionals and advocates for those with autism have disagreed.

Meanwhile, Steinberg has introduced a bill, SB 166, that would mandate providers in California cover applied behavior analysis therapy.

Blue Shield to pay for autism behavioral therapy


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