How many more of these things are we going to see.  Folks I know that bough the imageFitbit tried it for a while and got bored.  I don’t have one and this is just what others told me as they said it was something else they had to do and they had enough overload with all the other consumer IT stuff and gadgets to worry about.  I think from what I hear on these devices is just like the consumer, the attention span is short and again it something you have to do something with and most all have a smartphone today, so I guess we will see when it arrives on the market. 

You know I just try and report on all of this and that in itself makes me tired <grin>.  What I found out too that most of the time the developers and the folks who work at some of these companies don’t use their own products, one of those “it’s for those guys over there” but send money please.  You have to wait until October so we see the proverbial promo to tease and generate interest here and the price shown is $99.  BD

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Fitness is about to become a lot more fun with Striiv. The Silicon Valley-based start-up today revealed its first product which takes active gaming outside of the living room to turn everyday activities into fitness opportunities.  A sleek, portable fitness device, Striiv motivates activity throughout the day via games, personal goals, and donation opportunities -- all powered by imagephysical activity.

Striiv offers a playful approach to fitness. Comprised of social game and technology industry veterans, the team behind Striiv brings a wealth of business and development experience to defining this new product category at the forefront of gaming and personal health.  Whether it's a real workout or simple daily interactions like walking to lunch, taking the stairs, or shopping – with Striiv any activity is earned, tracked and transformed into an opportunity to get fit, give back, and have fun.

"Fitness and health are top-of-mind today. But for many people, especially moms juggling careers and family, finding time for exercise is hard to fit in to a busy day," says David Wang, CEO and co-founder of Striiv. "We've combined charities, gaming, and personal challenges with cutting-edge technology to create a seamless way to motivate physical activity.  We're building a playful and inspiring 'movement around movement' so that fitness now fits throughout your day."

Small, convenient and designed to easily move between a key chain, belt clip, or pocket, Striiv is always with you and always on.  Striiv features a high-resolution color touch screen to track your progress.  Key features include:

  • Walkathon in Your Pocket:  With Striiv every step counts toward a donation to charity.  At launch, Striiv is partnering with GlobalGiving to donate clean water to children in South America or a polio vaccine to a child in India. New charitable partners will be added over time.
  • Activity-Based Games: Unlike traditional time-based social games, Striiv games are completely powered by physical activity. In the first game, MyLand, the more you move, the more your enchanted island fills with exotic wildlife and plants. More games will be added.
  • Daily Challenges and Trophies: Earn rewards and bonuses for walking to lunch or taking the stairs. Unlock daily challenges based on real-world distances, from climbing the Eiffel Tower to crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • TruMotion Technology: Striiv's proprietary TruMotion technology is always on and can sense if you are walking, running, and even climbing stairs or hiking. 


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