Here' we go again and I say “Forest Gump” as its like that box of chocolate anymore with not knowing what you are going to get.  When you imagelook at the types of companies the insurers were a couple of years ago compared to today, they have done a lot of changing and added tons of subsidiary companies and for some reason everyone overlooks this, but you should not as subsidiaries put profit right down to the corporate bottom line.  I really am doubting a proper interpretation can be made and it all depends what political side of the fence they live on and the news tells us that.  They need better technology to thoroughly sort the data and even the President has come out and said he’s not adverse to modifications but to strip the law from the books entirely could be worse than one thinks. 

Healthcare Reform Law– Is Any Judge Fully Capable of A Decision on a Law That is Challenged By Constantly Changing Algorithms?

I try my best here to inform and many of my posts contain the key words “Subsidiary Watch” as that’s what it is.  Harvard is supposed to be doing a study on the affects of mergers and acquisitions in healthcare and I would suggest they might want to hurry it up a little bit as it will get more widespread attention than this little Medical Quack blog:)  In the meantime, the information is here for the finding if you want to educate yourself and see the huge changes that have been made and ultimately don’t forget about how they aggregate and sell data for profit too, that’s in there alive and well. 

Walgreens said not too long ago that their data selling business was worth just under $800 million…hint hint folks…take that hint study up.  Here’s a great example of what is taking place all over today when doctors get cuts from insurers and then they send a subsidiary company in to sell them software to help them analyze and keep what they do have, it’s a vicious game and United and Aetna are playing it out there as well as others.  Think about this, was all this going on when the Healthcare law was passed to the huge degree it is today?  Sure there was some but not to the extent it is today so again folks here’s the change and the reason we might need some digital laws soon to keep up.  A recent study says it costs doctors $83k a year to keep up with all the insurer red tape.

Subsidiary Watch-Corporate Conglomerate Insurers Reduce Compensation Contracts Using One Subsidiary Then Market Same MDs With Another Subsidiary in Health IT

Again I don’t know for the life of me how the judges and our Congressional bodies intend to keep working the way they are as even the public can shoot holes all around some of these interpretations we see today.  Look at these judges who did not keep up on mergers and acquisition and the hot water they go into.

3 Judges in Health-Care Lawsuits Caught Up In Potential Conflict of Interest-It’s Called Subsidiary Watch-Be Aware of Your Investments With Mergers and Acquisitions

Then you have this ruling on selling mined data that I say we should tax as with technology today you need to give law enforcement a leg to stand on so selling data without the right credentials, license, etc. can give them teeth and slow all of this down. 

Vermont Judicial Ruling on Selling Data Mined Information Certainly Haunts of Huge Undertones of Digital Illiteracy & Tech Denial–There’s A Better Solution–Tax It!

We suffer as a country so badly from leaders who are plagued with digital illiteracy and anyone who thinks the Healthcare law doesn’t need modifications is digital illiterate too as insurers can use their algorithms and knock out a new business plan and put it in motion in 48 hours and listen up, laws need the flexibility to work with that today, or we sink just like what we are seeing. 

We are in a technological battle here to where the regulators have no clue how far advanced the financial world is and we should wake up soon. 

So in the meantime until such occurs we seem to live in a “Forest Gump Digital Illiterate World” waiting around for someone to open a box of chocolates instead of using some high tech methodologies and intelligence to create better laws, and nothing is left but digital illiterate politics, just watch the news it’s there every night.  We need technology and knowledge for better decision making today and Congress can’t seem to get that and still mess around with taking stands on abortions half the time, and then they wonder why everyone has such a low opinion of the folks that live in the 70s.  When technology allows companies to use their business algorithms to adjust for profit and we have thick heads sitting around talking nonsense in Congress, well you get the picture.  It is the sad reality of what we have elected today.  I said that stuck out like sore thumb a few months ago and there are more posts just like it here at the Quack, nobody want to do the math with the exception of Wall Street today.  BD

Digital Illiteracy Still Plagues Law Makers–Severe Focus on Abortion Rights Proves It–Is This Where Our Lawmaking Knowledge Leaves Off or Even Begins? Scary…

White House officials say today's appeals court ruling against the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance -- the key part of President Obama's health care law -- will not stand.

"Individuals who choose to go without health insurance are making an economic decision that affects all of us -- when people without insurance obtain health care they cannot pay for, those with insurance and taxpayers are often left to pick up the tab," writes health care aide Stephanie Cutter on the White House blog.

Obama aide: Health care ruling won't stand


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