Well, well we could go all kinds of places with this and based on what has been all over the news of late, does he have his facts right?  I wonder.  You can listen to the town hall meeting.  I have to say one thing though is that he does at least have a town hall meeting as in my area in the OC which is a GOP rep we get robocalls…”hi..I’m….and so you glad you could be on the line to talk with me tonight”…disgusting and pretty useless and they talk more about the tomato plants on the office patio than anything else. 

Corporate Taxes and Lack of Legal Digital Literacy Allow Big US Corporations To Stash Billions Overseas, Pharma, Tech, All Well Represented (60 Minutes) (Video)

Just one more digitally illiterate member of Congress without an Algo man and no clue on how technology and algorithms have shifted the money in the US over the last few years, they are killing us.  We have them in both parties and mixed in with executive positions too with HHS playing around with a Facebook app so more of our data can be mined and give even more profits to big business while selling our confiscated data off the web, they don’t get it.  BD 

IBM Watson Did Get a Chance to Go To Congress-Should be a Permanent Home For Greater Intelligence for Creating Laws

I wonder if Grassley anytime in the future will let us know who that “one” is?  BD  

Grassley Social Security Town Hall Meeting

During a town hall in Carroll, Iowa last night, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) fielded question after question from constituents who were furious at Republican efforts to weaken Social Security. Midway through the event, one Iowan stood and told Grassley his personal story about retiring in 2008 just as the stock market cratered, decimating his IRA and 401k retirement plans.

He implored Grassley not to privatize Social Security, asking if he should expect “to live on whatever the stock market leaves me?” After the crowd gave the constituent loud applause, Grassley responded that he only knows of “one member out of 535 who wants to privatize Social Security.”

GRASSLEY: First of all, I’ve already answered the first question. Everything’s on the table. Secondly, I only know of one member of Congress out of 535, and I won’t name him, but I only know of one member out of 535 who wants to privatize Social Security.



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