This is kind of interesting when you poke around over at the site and see the imagenumbers almost like a gaming site on the web complete with a leaderboard with the number of players and entries.  This is where our former HHS Director gave his support to the project at the end of last year.  I guess science and the math there of is really changing as again this looks more like a gaming site with the way the information is included, but it’s not. 

Heritage Providers Continues to Promote $3 Million Dollar Prize to Create An Algorithm To Predict and Prevent Hospitalizations

From the Website:

“The winning team will create an algorithm that predicts how many days a patient will spend in a hospital in the next year. Once known, health care providers can develop new care plans and strategies to reach patients before emergencies occur, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary hospitalizations. This will result in increasing the health of patients while decreasing the cost of care. In short, a winning solution will change health care delivery as we know it – from an emphasis on caring for the individual after they get sick to a true health care system.

The Competition runs for two years and offers a US $3 million Grand Prize, as well as six Milestone Prizes totaling $230,000, which are awarded in varying amounts at three designated intervals during the Competition.”

The site is open for more to enroll and the grand prize is $3 Million so will there be an algorithm that will produce the “magic” here?  Kicking around the forum is kind of interesting which is open for anyone to read, but we now have teams merging, lot of rule clarifications and lots of talk about those algorithms.  Some are already contesting the numbers on the leaderboard.  Some are complaining about the data they received to work with.  I like the name of the one comment, “can I boost your score on my way out?”  We have questions on duplicate claims.  Then there’s a section on machine learning…hmmmmm…what kind of machine learning will this turn out…is it like anything that Kevin Slavin talks about with writing the unreadable…if you have not seen this yet, great video and learn about the algorithms that are out there in the financial district and how all the physicists are trying to unravel them too…hmmmm…healthcare, the unreadable…we need to see more on this before we end up with that one red stop button Kevin talks about.  I didn’t see any of the names algorithms in use so far like the Knife (referenced below) but that’s not the type of expedition in code this is anyway:)

New Rules Help in Preventing Another Flash Crash But How About the Disruptor Algo Encountering the Boston Shuffler, The Knife, Carnival or Other Named Algorithms That Lurk

Kevin Slavin–Algorithms

When this is all done, you might have some participants looking for a place like this <grin>>  What will all of this produce is the real question and will it be useful as true guidance and will the digital illiterate use it as standards, that is the big question.  BD 

Data Addiction and Abuse –The Up and Coming Next 12 Step Program Is On the Horizon–Side Effects Include Lack Of Data Quality, Integrity And Spasmodic Algorithms


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