It was only a couple of months ago that Thomson Reuters announced their plans to sell the Healthcare Division by the end of the year so question here is this new software going to add value to the sale price when asked?  The report said the division was profitable but they wanted to stay with their core business of reporting so I guess if they have any unreleased software not out there, get  it out there now to drive an asking price up and beef up that software portfolio. 

Thomson Reuters Plans to Sell Healthcare Unit By the End of the Year

I am guessing this comes under the Healthcare division they plan to sell since it’s all about business intelligence at the hospital and how to contain costs and there’s a ton of that kind of software on the market already.  Of course there’s risk based assessments and we are all into that today as even getting up in the morning we seem to have someone wanting to assess and make some determination on whether or not we are going to have a productive day, you know based on what side of the bed you get out of <grin>. 

There’s something that might be a little different in the package with algorithms to design bundled payments but it just may not be called that in other software programs.  The new offing is called “Payment Reform Solutions” and that pretty much spells it out for the focus here and again very much like so many other offerings out there today.  BD 

ANN ARBOR, MI – Thomson Reuters has launched a suite of new payment reform tools designed to help U.S. hospitals manage risk and seize opportunities as new healthcare payment models go into effect.

"Healthcare providers face a mixture of reimbursement methods including fee-for service, bundled payments, value-based purchasing penalties and population-based payments integral to medical homes and accountable care organizations," said Doug Shaw, executive vice president at Thomson Reuters. "Our new services help providers adapt in this rapidly evolving environment by leveraging information and analytic capabilities we traditionally deliver to governmental and commercial healthcare payers."

Thomson Reuters helps hospitals navigate new reimbursement models | Healthcare IT News


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