Arcadian Health offered Medicare Part D policies and we kind of know what’s in the future for their business as far as rates, etc. with the Healthcare law.  image

From the website:

“Our Health Plan organization is a community-based local network, providing coordinated care to our members in small to medium-sized communities across the United States. We offer a variety of value-oriented Medicare Advantage health plans and we exercise the utmost standards of dignity, compassion, understanding and respect for our members.

In addition Humana has been collaborating on several revenue cycle/medical record issues of late, when they are not battling for the Tri-Care military contract which I believe is still theirs but may be in court with United battling for the contract last I read.  United may not be at a total loss as there’s the possibility of subsidiary business with the Health IT business today, but not as big perhaps as the over all contract for services.  image

Allscripts And Humana Collaborate to Provide Decision Support Software for MDs Along With Financial Assistance and Incentives For Adopting Allscripts EHR System

Humana Keeps Tricare In The South And Back in May of 2010 HealthNet Was Able to Keep the Northeast-Both Companies Filed Appeals

I keep reporting on more of this type of activity of late with insurers scooping up the HMOS and the IPAs of late, so this look to be some kind of a trend and again, pay attention these days to who owns who if you care to know where your money goes as far as corporate profits to bottom line conglomerates.  If that is of no interest they can entertain you with their “FamScape” game where again who knows where the data goes and what level of consumer interest is really here, but some developer probably made a ton of money creating it and there another insurance carrier doing the same thing out there as well, but to me the games just really insult one's intelligence but I’m not everyone though.  What’s more exciting playing World of Warcraft or FamScape?  BD  

Health Insurer Humana Introduces a New Game Called FamScape–Making It Fun to Get And Maybe Mine Your Data?

LOUISVILLE, KY – Humana Inc. announced Thursday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Arcadian Management Services, an Oakland, Calif.-based Medicare Advantage HMO with approximately 64,000 members in 15 states. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Louisville, Ky.-based health insurer Humana Inc. said most of Arcadians members reside in small or medium-sized communities across the U.S. It had close to $33.9 billion in revenue in 2010.


Founded in 1996, Arcadian Health Plan provides Medicare Advantage coverage through its affiliates in 15 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington. Its 2010 revenue was $622 million.


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