Yesterday Dan and Don invited me to an open discussion as part of their weekly interviews they post on their website with someone in healthcare and yesterday we talked about clinical trials and some additional areas in healthcare and some very general.  Be ready for a lot chat here, it runs around 45 minutes. 

We had some fun and it allowed me to do a bit of story telling from some past experiences, something I don’t ever seem to get around to doing much.  In addition I explain how I used my past experience with having written an EMR into how my blog posts appear today and the influence it had.  We are in the world of “algorithms” today and using them wisely for guidance and not having the “digital illiterate” declare some of the analytics as gospel is sometimes becoming a dangerous mix with intelligence claims that are not there and created more for marketing than anything else.  It becoming a challenge to tell the difference at times too by all means, depending on how good the marketing efforts some put forth.

The Clinical Trial Guys…

Here’s where you can find the Clinical Trial guys and again it was fun and I thank Dan and Don for the time and we just let it roll.

Analytics make us much smarter, but again merging the worlds of those who do not write code and the “geeks” can be a very delicate issue, one that I try not to lose face with as it’s a reality and in some area with combined algorithmic formulas, we are in fact “writing the unreadable” in some areas with even some of the social medical profiles used, as is happening in the financial world with algorithms reacting with each other with no human intervention.  I mention all of this as my efforts to create an awareness hopefully to generate the interest with asking questions and encouraging research if you think something perhaps doesn’t sound right, as a good decision with all the “real” facts you can get your hands on is priceless.  BD  

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