This  a trailer from the Worrell Company that believes that emergency care can be imageused and is the stepping stone to transforming other areas of healthcare.  The trailer looks interesting for sure and it was created in San Diego.  2 points for southern California here. 

If you check out the website they are a design company that no only consults in healthcare but other industries as well.  When you look at the image below, you may recognize the “raisin” medical device system which I have posted about here a few times.  Anyway this looks good fro what is shown on the trailer and I’ll have more to come soon.  BD 


Insights from the ER

The Patient with a Presence Who Is Active in Healthcare But Needs the Tools (Bonus Video)

Here’s another video on one of their other studies about education and the doctor-patient relationship with devices.  The example here is a patient with an implanted imagedevice, treat the patient as part of the solution is the key here.  This video reminds me of the efforts of ePatientDave as it says a lot of what he talks about and some of his frustrations.  What platform is going to be there, what design can everyone live with…software designers are you listening here…stop with the glut of over abundance and design better, please….

Design we can all live with

This great as if they can get rid of those tons of mHealth applications that do “one thing only” that would be great!   The patient in the video is a blogger too!  We live in a “cold world of consumerism” in the words of the doctor in the video.  This video talks collaboration which is what we need as innovation without collaboration is fouling up the healthcare system, and I blogged that a while back:)

Innovation Without Collaboration Is Fouling Up The US Healthcare IT System–We Need Both As We Can’t Stand on Innovation Alone

At any rate stay tuned for some additional information on the Insights from the ER video as it becomes available.  BD 

The trailer for Insights from the ER, Worrell's upcoming film to be released Fall 2011. image

“Insights from the ER” explores next-generation health information technology and pushes us as a healthcare community to reach for a more patient-centered future based on the principles of emergency medicine.
Worrell is an international industrial design firm in Minneapolis and Shanghai. Through innovative design, we’re working toward a patient-centered future for healthcare technology.


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