If you are a regular reader here, you have seen Ideal Life around here before with discussions on wireless connectivity.  Not too long ago we had the agreement with NovaTech in China and even further back the Blue Cross partnership.  According to the press release the information and services are to be imageintegrated and I am guessing this means information would be available in the 24/7 EHR.

Ideal Life Launches TeleHealth Network in China With NovaTech Biological Pharma

Blue Cross Announces California Pilot Program for Members With Congestive Heart Failure-Remote Vital Reporting Devices

Office Ally also has a PHR, and there’s a permanent link on the site to find out more about Patient Ally and again according to what I am reading here and making sure I understand this, the information can also be stored in the Patient PHR.  With wireless transmission there’s no need to sit down and enter data manually and we all hate that.  BD 

Press Release:

VANCOUVER, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Office Ally announced today a ground-breaking partnership with IDEAL LIFE to allow for remote health management of individuals with such health conditions as diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension, asthma and obesity. The partnership will enable integration between the two entities, providing connectivity solutions that will create efficiencies for physicians and caregivers.


“Many chronic and costly conditions can be managed through daily monitoring of an individual’s health,” said Brian O’Neill, president and chief executive officer of Office Ally. “IDEAL LIFE’s wireless technology is perfectly suited for today’s world and is a natural complement to the suite of services we currently make available to physicians and other providers nationwide.”

Under this partnership patients with congestive heart failure, for example, will simply weigh in every morning on an IDEAL LIFE Body-Manager™ scale that measures weight and automatically stores and sends the information to a user’s designated healthcare team. The physician or caretaker can note any changes that may be reason for concern – such as weight gain, indicating the heart is not getting rid of water as it should – and action can be taken to intervene in a timely manner.

Similarly, Office Ally providers will be able to:

  • Monitor their patient’s oxygen saturation and heart rate through the IDEAL LIFE SpO2-Manager™.
  • Automatically and reliably store and send blood glucose readings through the IDEAL LIFE Gluco-Manager™.
  • Accurately measure a person’s upper arm blood pressure and heart rate through IDEAL LIFE BP Manager™.

All of these products are FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant and can be delivered to any location through collaborative solutions that are secure, reliable and accessible through the major brands for cell phones, computers and other blue-tooth communication devices.

In all cases information transmitted to the physician or healthcare team can then be stored in the individual’s personal electronic health record so as to produce a complete and constantly current snapshot of the person’s health. Physicians can use this information to meet with patients and discuss their condition, making case management easier and far more cost efficient.

“Programs and technology such as this become even more essential as healthcare enters an era of accountable care organizations,” said O’Neill. “As hospitals and physicians join together in a commitment to truly manage the health of a community rather than just deal with episodic care, being able to more tightly monitor and manage the health of patients on an ongoing basis will provide better outcomes and be a critical element of success.”

The IDEAL LIFE technology facilitates two-way communication between users and healthcare providers, such as motivational text messages or nutritional tips.

“Individuals can experience all the benefits of a personal health and wellness coach or a weight-loss support group without ever leaving the comfort of their own home,” said Harvey Goldberg, founder and chief executive officer of IDEAL LIFE. “And as baby boomers take on the responsibility of caring for elderly parents, this technology can provide peace of mind for everyone – and that makes it the right technology at the right time.”

Office Ally is the only organization in the country offering healthcare providers a full complement of revenue-cycle management services including a patient portal, electronic health records, a practice management system, a clearinghouse and a billing service. Founded in 2000, the company currently works with more than 164,000 providers and 4,400 insurance carriers in all 50 states. It also houses eligibility for nearly 400 IPAs and small health plans. Its complete suite of interactive asp, Internet-based solutions include a patient health registry – Patient Ally™, electronic health records – EHR 24/7™, practice management – Practice Mate™, clearinghouse, and case management – Case Mate™. All of Office Ally’s products and services are offered at minimal or no cost to providers, with customer and technical support available 24/7. Further information may be obtained at www.officeally.com.



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